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Fiber Glass
Paint Arrestor Pads

A specially formulated thermoset resin provides high compression strength preventing AG-28 pads from collapsing and face-loading as they become saturated. Air continues to flow smoothly through the pads preventing "fogging" or misting of paint particles in the booth. Overspray is drawn into the pads so that it does not settle on spray guns, walls, floors or conveyors. Proper air flow assures healthier working conditions in conformance to OSHA standards.

An entire blank of AG-28 pads can be changed in a few minutes. They fit into standard holding frames, no new grids or other accessories needed. AG-28 pads are directly interchangeable with other types of paint arrestors. Only one AG-28 pad is required per frame, including installations where two paper pads are currently used.

*Available in either precut pads or rolls 85' in length.

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  Key Benefits
Effectively removes paint overspray solids of all types-lacquer, air dry or baked enamel.
Protects exhaust ducts, fans, and motors from paint build-up.
Smooth Air Flow through paint booth prevents fogging.
Clean exhaust air is discharged to the atmosphere
Economical to use


Open Weave Fiber Pattern Holds More Paint   

AG-28 pads are designed exclusively to collect paint over spray.  They are made from continuous filament glass fibers with open weave pattern that allows particles to penetrate deep into the pad.  Paint is collected throughout the full depth, extending pad life and reducing costs.  A skin backing on the air leaving side serves as a final barrier to prevent paint and other coatings from penetrating through the media.


Lightly Loaded Air Entering Side

Close up photo shows open weave pattern that allows over spray (red paint shown) to penetrate deep into the pad

Heavily Loaded Air Entering

Same magnification of heavily loaded pad illustrates the large holding capacity of each fiber.  The open space between fibers continues to permit good air flow and allow paint to penetrate.

Heavily Loaded Cross Section.

Cross section view shows how the AG028 pad is completely utilized by collecting paint throughout the full depth.

Product Information
Standard Nominal Sizes (inches) (W x H x D) Quantity
Per Carton
16-1/2 X 20-1/2 X 2
16-1/2 X 25-1/2 X 2
20-1/2 X 20-1/2 X 2
20-1/2 X 25-1/2 X 2
24 X 24 X 2



20 X 85' X 2
25 X 85' X 2
30 X 85' X 2
36 X 85' X 2
40 X 85' X 2
48 X 85' X 2
60 X 85' X 2


Initial Resistance:
 .09" w.g. @ 300 fpm
.14" w.g. @ 400 fpm
.20" w.g. @ 500 fpm

Color: White on air entering side.  Green tint on air leaving side.

AG-28 media is classified U.L. Class 2.

Pricing available on request.

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