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Frontline Fiberglass & PolyKlean Synthetic Media

Select from a wide range of synthetic and fiberglass media designed for light to extra heavy dust loading conditions. Color coded by performance level. PolyKlean and Frontline media are available in pre-cut pads and rolls, 1/2",1", and 2" thicknesses. PolyKlean Gold is manufactured with INTERSEPT® antimicrobial and is available in 1" and 2" thicknesses

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  Key Benefits In Automotive use
Coatings Collection Medias
Designed to remove overspray solids in paint booths. Effective on many types of coatings: lacquers; air dried or cured primers and enamels; acrylic or latex water base emulsions; epoxies and vinyl coatings.
Fiberglass media, 2" thick. Available in pre-cut pads and bulk rolls.
SureStop™ Type P-6S
Expanded paper with a layer of polyester on the air leaving side.
Types P-7 and P-9HC
Expanded paper media, 1" and 1 1/2 " thick. Available in pre-cut pads and bulk rolls.
Diffusion Media
SureFlow diffusion media is used as the final filter in the supply air system of low velocity paint spray booths. It forms a final protective barrier against particulate entering the booth and also serves as an air diffusion baffle. The media is made of dense, tightly bonded, polyester fibers with a close knit scrim backing. Also available as a ring panel style filter.

AmerFrame and RenuFrame Media Holding Frames

Permanent metal frames hold pre-cut media pads. AmerFrame available in 1" and 2" thicknesses; RenuFrame available in 2"only.

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RenuFrame and AmerFrame 

Pricing available on request.

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